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KARACHI, PAKISTAN, February 19, 2021 — Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian relief agency, recently delivered winter kits to 800 villagers in rural Pakistan experiencing an unusually long period of cold this winter.

Warm clothes, shoes and blankets were distributed to 450 children, 150 women, and 200 men in rural villages in the Sindh province. These include Jati, Sawan Tharani, Salah Pusiyo, Khameeso Mallah, Abdullah Mallah, Liyar Jat, Hassan Mallah, and the Sujawal District.

According to meteorologists in the region, colder than usual temperatures were predicted, with some areas experiencing below freezing conditions. The colder, drier weather follows an extreme monsoon season and locust invasions which destroyed crops and displaced families last year. The situation was compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, which further impacted aid efforts.

Elizabeth Sohail, program manager at Baitulmaal, said that many of the villagers were ill-equipped to withstand the cold.

“This year has been unseasonably cold in many regions,” Sohail said. “Many families in these villages needed shoes and jackets to protect against bone-chilling temperatures.”

Baitulmaal has been on the ground in some of the aforementioned villages digging water wells funded by donors in recent months. This enabled field workers to mobilize quickly to deliver the latest round of winter relief to affected communities. 

Donors who would like to learn more or contribute to winter relief programs at Baitulmaal can visit their website at Baitulmaal.org.

Baitulmaal is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching aid to people in need around the world. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the charity has offices in: Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Nairobi, Kenya; Mogadishu, Somalia; Amman and Al Ramtha, Jordan; and Karachi, Pakistan.

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