Ivory Coast

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In the Ivory Coast, a country located on the south coast of West Africa, less than half of the population is literate. Civil wars and poor infrastructure have prevented many people from accessing education and improving their lives. Our donors have helped:

  • build and furnish libraries
  • construct community centers
  • dig clean water wells
  • and provide other aid

Quench thirst. Feed minds.

Families in the Ivory Coast also suffer from dirty water. This impacts learning, too.

Only around 50 percent of the Ivory Coast population has access to safe, clean drinking water. In rural areas, that number drops to 35 percent. Roughly 41 percent of households tested positive for e.coli contamination in their water, which is believed to be increasing the country’s infant mortality rate.

Dirty water also impacts children’s ability to learn. Frequent illnesses stand in the way of learning and improving their lives.

In addition to building libraries and facilitating donor-initiated mosque projects, Baitulmaal funds water well projects in the Ivory Coast to provide safe, clean drinking water to communities who otherwise may have to drink contaminated water. No family should have to drink dirty water or miss out on education. You can help.

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