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Kenya, along with the rest of East Africa, recently suffered a devastating drought that had been mounting from the previous 2 years and a resulting famine that claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people in the region. This already poverty stricken region reached a level of devastation not seen in 60 years. In 2012 when the rains finally came, Kenya faced massive flooding as a result of the parched earth’s inability to quickly receive the water.

Current Progress

Baitulmaal has been on the front lines in Kenya since our inception, and has tirelessly worked to aid the people and the region with as much support as possible on behalf of our generous donors. 

Baitulmaal has delivered countless boxes of food, general aid, clothing, and meat benefiting hundreds of thousands these many years. In addition, we have dug both shallow and bore-hole wells combined with dispatching water trucks on a regular basis to bring the life-sustaining liquids to desperate and remote villagers who otherwise would have gone without entirely. Our representatives have watched the victims of these disasters die in their very presence, reinforcing both the gravity and importance of the work we do. 

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