Support Baitulmaal’s Africa fund so we can provide effectively education and economic empowerment to impoverished communities 

Throughout Africa, poverty forces local communities into a state of life-threatening need.

Severe droughts subject Somalis to widespread famines and a lack of clean water. In Kenya, poverty impacts nearly 40% of people, resulting in malnourishment throughout much of the sub-Saharan African population. Additionally, inadequate water and sanitation conditions cause nearly 80% of recorded illnesses amongst these communities.

Poverty in these regions is the result of a range of both natural disasters and man-made humanitarian crises, leaving local communities desperate for food, clean water, healthcare and access to education.

Generous donors like you help mend these issues by:


  • Constructing wells to provide families with reliable access to clean water
  • Administering medical supplies to cure and prevent community illnesses
  • Supplying nourishing meals to protect against malnutrition and widespread hunger

Baitulmaal’s generous donors continue to provide assistance to those in need, including:

Will you continue the life-sustaining work?

Without essential resources, ranging from education to sanitation, communities in East Africa could continue to live in poverty and die from easily treatable diseases.

Your donations save lives. Join our growing family of donors who are funding programs that provide clean water, food, healthcare and education for African communities.