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Approximately 2.5 million people affected by the famine and the drought in East Africa, and it is estimated that 200,000 have died from severe consequences of the drought. Poor and remote villages of Kenya and Somalia are badly affected, as safe water supplies are few and far between. Many people often get their water from streams and rivers contaminated with excrement, making them breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Somalia is currently one of the poorest countries in the world, and most of its people do not have basic access to necessities such as food and water. The people of Somalia have been through regular cycles of violence and food insecurity in the last few decades.

Baitulmaal’s Work in Somali

Baitulmaal has been active in the area, regularly assisting the people of Somalia with Ramadan food baskets, Udhiyah, and building water wells. Also, Baitulmaal is always one of the first to respond when Somalia is in times of emergency, such as severe droughts and famines.

Baitulmaal ensures that hundreds of needy individuals are supplied with what they need to survive. In addition to helping ensure their survival Baitulmaal also supports sustainable projects that help those in need long after we are gone. These projects include things like water wells, water purification systems, greenhouses, poultry farms and schools. Through our Sustainable Projects and the precious contributions of our generous donors, Baitulmaal continues this noble work striving to help those in need reach a brighter future full of hope.