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Baitulmaal AHED has been working in Pakistan since 2004. We implemented and continue to support several projects to improve the livelihoods of those living in poverty, and provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by disasters and conflict.  Baitulmaal encourages quality education, and women literacy.  In 2010, right after the flood disaster, Baitulmaal established an office in Pakistan to monitor all running projects, and to improve access to humanitarian relief efforts during emergencies. At the time, the United Nations rated the floods as the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history.

According to the UN, Pakistan was ranked the sixth most populous country in the world, with a population of over 182 million.  It was estimated that over 17 percent of the population lives under the line of poverty.  The majority of the population lives in rural areas.

The economy of Pakistan continues to struggle with inflation, increasing rates of unemployment, illiteracy, and the ongoing instability.  Women in Pakistan suffer from poverty opportunities, and the majority of them do not have jobs. Female literacy in Pakistan is 43.6 percent compared to male literacy at 68.2 percent.

Baitulmaal’s Work in Pakistan

Our goal is to restore hope, secure the future, and ease poverty in several areas of Southern Pakistan. We focus on providing quality education to both boys and girls, as all children have the right to education. We encourage women empowerment by giving them access to opportunity, and help them become self-sufficient. We provide humanitarian assistance during, and in the after-math of emergencies.

The following are few of our projects in Pakistan with the support of our donors:

  1. 1. Child Education – Three Primary Schools & Two Quran Schools

After the floods in 2010 Baitulmaal adopted school buildings and remodeled them to make them fit to be used again. The primary schools in Ranta Village, and Jati Model Village, provide the children with the quality education they deserve. The Tahfiz (Quran) school teaches the children how to read the Holy Quran as well as the basic teachings of Islam.

  1. 2. Women Empowerment – Vocational Training Center

Baitulmaal encourages women empowerment through vocational training programs in Ranta and Jati Model Villages. This teaches the women a valuable trade such as sewing, to use as a means to provide for their families.

  1. 3. Poverty & Hunger – Food Security

Due to the poverty in region some families go days with no food. The primary schools in Ranta and Jati provide a daily meal for the students. Sometimes this is the only meal they have throughout the day. On behalf of our donors, we were also able to construct water wells so locals would have clean drinking water.

  1. 4. Disaster Relief

Baitulmaal provides humanitarian assistance such as food, education, hygiene kits and housing for the displaced during and after emergencies and disasters.

  1. 5. Family Housing

After the floods and earthquakes many families became internally displaced. On behalf of the donors, we were able to rebuild and provide housing to some of these displaced families.

  1. 6. Family Sponsorship

Women whose husbands have passed away and the elderly are amongst the neediest families because they have no means of income. We provide financial support to these families through a registered disbursement of Zakat.

Baitulmaal relies entirely on voluntary donations from generous donors like you. Donate to help us meet the urgent needs of all those in need around the world affected by conflict, war, famine and poverty. Your support is highly appreciated!