Udhiyah Qurbani

The best ten days of the year are almost here! Give the gift of nutritious meat to those in need around the world in time for Eid.

Help Palestinians

Palestinians are struggling with decades of occupation and recent attacks. Help now!


Thousands of families in Turkey and northern Syria are in need of emergency aid.

One of the worst earthquakes in the region has rocked Turkey and northern Syria — leaving thousands dead, injured or displaced. Freezing amid rubble and tears — they need our compassion now.

Sponsor an Orphan

Children don’t choose to be orphaned — but you can choose to give them hope. Help support an orphan’s nutritional, educational, pyschological, health and social wellbeing with a sponsorshiip today.

Water: The Best Charity

Water sustains life, but scarce or dirty water can threaten it. You can help provide access to safe, clean water for communities in need. Every drop can be a blessing in their life — and yours.

Emergency Aid for Yemen Now!

Violence is escalating in Yemen, causing suffering for innocent people who are in need of food, water and other neccessities.

Help for Lebanon

The people of Lebanon are suffering under record economic turmoil, food insecurity, and widespred lack of access to basic needs.

When Tragedy Strikes...

A nutritious meal, thirst-quenching drink, or life-saving dose of medicine could be the difference between despair and hope. We’re ready to respond to emerging and ongoing crises. Join us.

Read about the generosity of our donors

Our donors are turning their compassion into hope around the world. Here’s how ♥



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