Respond (Emergency Relief)

Your gift provides life-saving aid to people left vulnerable from natural and man-made crises.

Sustain (Poverty & Hunger)

Your gift provides life-sustaining aid to those suffering from poverty and hunger.

Thrive (Education & Seasonal)

Your gift provides life-enriching aid to improve the quality of life for beneficiaries.

Yemen Emergency Response

The displaced people of Yemen are in desperate need of your help now! Without your donation, how will life-saving food and medical supplies reach them? 

Syria Emergency Response

The Syrian civil war continues to create a humanitarian crisis. Without your generous gift, how else are they to get food and other relief? 

Rohingya Emergency Response

The Rohingya are still suffering after being driven from their homes. Without your donation, many might go without shelter, food and other humanitarian aid. 

Our Social Impact

Meals provided by Baitulmaal donors to those struggling with food insecurity and hunger

People who now have access to healthcare thanks to Baitulmaal donor-funded clinics and hospitals

People who have access to clean drinking water thanks to Baitulmaal donor-funded water projects

Donating is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1:

Click the donate button below, at the top of the page or any donation link on the website.

Step 2:

Select a program that you feel compassionate about or select “where most needed.”

Step 3:

Select or enter a donation amount, fill in the required information and click the donate button.