Support Baitulmaal’s development fund so we can provide effectively educationa nd economic empowerment to impoverished communities 

Poverty leaves families throughout the world struggling to obtain clean water, nourishing food and basic healthcare for survival. But lack of resource results in more than failing to meet essential needs.

According to the World Health Organization, poverty is a major contributor to mental illness, suicide, family disintegration and substance abuse. It is a disease that prevents children, families and communities from thriving.

World Bank reports that 9.2% of the world’s population lives in poverty – but your contribution creates real change. Education jumpstarts community development by providing people with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and strengthen local economies.

Baitulmaal’s generous donors continue to provide life-enriching assistance to those in need, including:

Education offers an antidote for current and future generations. In developing countries, individuals can increase their earning power by 10% on average for each additional year of education obtained. Generous donors like you help communities break the cycle of poverty through education by:


  • Providing textbooks to children to advance their educational landscape and trajectory
  • Building schools to foster a safe space for children to develop motor skills and harness creativity
  • Equipping adults with vocational training to learn new skill sets and become self-reliant

Without education and training, the cycle of poverty will continue, leaving many without basic needs and at increased risk for mental and physical illness. Are you willing to provide the resources needed to put impoverished communities on the path to self-sustainment?

Each contribution empowers and changes the trajectory of someone’s life. Join our growing family of donors who are fighting the cycle of poverty through life-enriching programs.