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Currently, India has the largest number of malnourished people in the world (source).

Your donation can:

  • Deliver food packages to families
  • Support nutritional needs of communities
  • Other aid as needed

Food Insecurity and Malnourishment

People living in poverty are disproportionately affected by food insecurity in India.

Low food security leaves many Indians at an increased risk for nutrient deficiencies, as well as mental and physical challenges linked to malnourishment, such as heart disease or developmental delays.

Food insecurity is fueled by famine, overpopulation, political conflict and governmental neglect, among other man-made difficulties and natural disasters.

More than 20% of the Indian population lives on as little as $1.90 (USD) per day and are unable to provide food for themselves – but you can help.

Your Compassion Makes a Difference

Baitulmaal’s growing community of donors continue to spread hope through their generosity.

1,500 Indians Receive Winter Warmth

???? More photos below... ????BIHAR, INDIA, January 21, 2022 -- Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian nonprofit, recently distributed winter supplies to 1,500 people impacted by floods in northeastern India. Families in Masurya, Mahalgaon, Baturbari...

Fresh Meat for 17,836 Meals Distributed in India

???? More photos below... ????BIHAR, INDIA July 25, 2021 -- Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian relief agency, recently distributed fresh meat for 17,836 meals to impoverished families in India during the Islamic holiday season of sacrifice known as...

Winter Aid Delivered to 1,526 Flood Victims in India

???? More photos below... ????BIHAR, INDIA, February 8, 2021 -- Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian relief agency, recently delivered winter aid to 1,526 individuals in India’s Araria district bordering Nepal in response to flooding in the area....

Can they count on you?

Poverty restricts consistent access to nutrition and clean water, but your donations help communities in India survive.

Without your donations, people in India could continue to fall deeper into desperation, plagued with preventable illnesses such as anemia and diabetes.

Will you provide a nutritious meal or other aid for a family in India today?

Each contribution helps save or improve someone’s life.

Join our growing family of Baitulmaal donors who turn their compassion into hope for those in need around the world.