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According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, a child becomes an orphan every 18 seconds. That’s 8,400 children per day. Worldwide, there are more than 153 million children who are orphaned. But beyond the statistics is a child who is looking for hope after loss.

That’s why we support orphans around the world through:

  • Orphan sponsorship programs
  • School renovation projects
  • Back-to-school support
  • Winter aid

Hopeful Hearts

A child doesn’t choose to be an orphan. They don’t choose to lose their loved one to illness, violence, displacement, or disaster. They don’t choose to suffer the consequences of such a profound loss. But you can choose to give them hope.

Because when a child loses a loving parent, they are left with a heart in need of your compassion.

Children who are orphaned are more likely to live in extreme poverty, suffer from malnutrition, miss school, and lack healthcare and other essential services. Especially when everyone around them is suffering from a global pandemic, economic strain, unexpected disasters or ongoing conflict. They have fewer resources to aid them, less social interactions to support them, and limited opportunities to help them cope with their loss.

But through the generosity of our donors, many children have secured the nutritional, educational, psychological, health and social support they need to thrive.

Join the family of Baitulmaal donors and give a child with a hopeful heart a brighter future with your support.

Your Compassion Makes a Difference

Baitulmaal’s growing community of donors continue to spread hope through their generosity.

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Can they count on you?

Without your generous donation, fragile, innocent orphans are at risk of hunger, depression – or worse. They need just one person to make a difference. You.

Each contribution helps save or improve someone’s life.

Join our growing family of Baitulmaal donors who turn their compassion into hope for those in need around the world.