Poverty Relief

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Poverty has many underlying causes, but the effects of poverty are universal. That’s why Baitulmaal addresses immediate needs in addition to tackling long-standing problems unique to each community.

Generous donors like you help communities suffering from poverty by:

  • Providing food assistance to families unable to meet basic needs
  • Enabling access to clean water sources to reduce illness and increase productivity
  • Sending critical medicine, equipment and supplies to bolster healthcare services
  • Supporting schools and sponsoring orphans in underserved areas
  • Preparing families for the hazards of winter with essential supplies

More than just “being poor.”

Living in poverty doesn’t mean that you don’t get what you want in life. It means that you can’t afford what you need to live.

There are more than 1 billion people in the world who live on less than 1 dollar per day. More than half of the world’s population live on less than 10 dollars a day.

Keeping up with basic needs like food and shelter on that income is enough of a challenge – but what happens when their home is destroyed, when their health is ailing, or when they need to keep warm during the cold winter months? 

Baitulmaal’s poverty relief programs aim to help people in need to get them through the difficulties of life. Together, we can help them emerge stronger, healthier, and more empowered to improve their lives.

Your Compassion Makes a Difference

Baitulmaal’s growing community of donors continue to sustain those in need with generosity.

Displaced Syrian Families Receive Food for 195,300 Meals

More photos belowIDLIB, SYRIA September 19, 2023 – Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian nonprofit, recently delivered food packages for 195,300 meals to displaced Syrian families. Approximately 350 families received food packages that included items...

Baitulmaal Joins Coalition Promoting Maternal, Child Healthcare

Watch the campaign launch video belowDALLAS, TEXAS September 7, 2023 -- Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian nonprofit, is proud to announce its partnership with the ‘For Mama’ campaign promoting maternal, newborn and child health alongside a...

1,671 Displaced Syrians Receive Hygiene, Water Supplies

More photos belowIDLIB, SYRIA August 15, 2023 – Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian nonprofit, recently provided hygiene kits and clean water access to 1,671 displaced Syrians. Approximately 400 families living in Kafr Yahmoon, Khazzan Camp, Zaitoun...

Will you give them a helping hand?

Ensuring that families have enough to eat, clean water to drink, chances to learn, and opportunities to thrive improves not only their lives, but everyone around them, too.

Be a part of this compassionate world-view.

Each contribution helps save or improve someone’s life.

Join our growing family of Baitulmaal donors who respond to poverty with life-sustaining donations.