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IDLIB, SYRIA September 19, 2023 – Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian nonprofit, recently delivered food packages for 195,300 meals to displaced Syrian families.

Approximately 350 families received food packages that included items such as cooking oil, rice, flour, lentils and canned goods. Beneficiaries lived in three camps and two communities in Maa’raat Masrin in northern Syria. 

According to Elizabeth Sohail, program development manager at Baitulmaal, most of these camps were established after displacement waves in early 2020 and were impacted by massive earthquakes earlier this year.

“These families live in extreme poverty and struggle with hunger on a routine basis,” said Sohail. “Every day without food is an emergency. Thanks to generous donors, vulnerable families had enough food supplies to help alleviate hunger in these difficult times.”

Ongoing conflict has displaced more than 6.7 million people — including 2.5 million children — within Syria. Another 6.6 million Syrians live as refugees in neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkiye. According to the UN, Syria is among the 10 most food insecure countries globally, with a staggering 12 million people considered to be food insecure.

Baitulmaal has been on the ground in northwest Syria delivering food, rebuilding schools, completing water access projects, and responding to emergencies including the recent earthquakes. Hospitals and clinics in northern Syria were among the recipients of a $5.35M medical aid shipment. To learn more about or contribute to these efforts, visit 

Baitulmaal is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching aid to people in need around the world. With headquarters in Texas, the charity has domestic offices in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey as well as international offices in Europe, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

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