Serve Hope

Join fellow Baitulmaal donors in securing a portion of meat this Eid for a family that has gone without, and turn your compassion into hope during the best ten days of the year.

An Anticipated Meal…

For those struggling with extreme poverty and food insecurity, having meat to eat is a rare occurrence. It is often procured through charitable gifts on holidays like the upcoming Eid, a day that many Muslims around the world eagerly anticipate.

But after climate emergencies, prolonged conflict, rising poverty, and economic hardship the world over, they are unsure that they will have even this to look forward to this year.

Because for the world’s poor who can barely afford to subsist on small rations of bread, rice, and other basic staples, meat is even more out of reach. The consequences of such a poor diet makes an already bad situation even worse.

More than two billion people worldwide suffer from “hidden hunger” — defined as a deficiency in nutrients such as iron, zinc, and folic acid from a lack of diversity in their diets. These deficiencies have long-term consequences that impact the overall health of these communities


Consequences of “Hidden Hunger”

  • stunting in children
  • increased risk and spread of disease
  • birth defects
  • high mortality
  • low productivity
  • shorter life-spans

This means that while the world’s undernourished scrape by on what little food they can find on a daily basis, their overall health is suffering, and their future is bleak.

According to the World Economic Forum, good quality meat has the potential to reduce food insecurity and poverty, but this means making sure it is evenly distributed across the world.

We can ensure that families in need receive more than just food to survive. We can give them quality meat to help them thrive.

It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches God; it is your piety that reaches Him. Thus, He has subjected these animals to you so that you may glorify God for giving you guidance, and O’ Prophet, give good news to those who do good to others.

Quran, Chapter 22 “The Hajj (Pilgrimage),” Verse 37

How You Can Help

Every year, Muslims around the world sacrifice an animal to share with the needy during Dhul-Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic year. This practice commemorates the obedience of Abraham (peace be upon him), who was prepared to sacrifice his beloved son for God’s sake.

Known as udhiyah or qurbani, this practice takes place at the end of the Hajj pilgrimage and is an important part of being a Muslim. It demonstrates obedience to God and signifies generosity to those who are less fortunate. It also helps distribute life-enhancing meat to those who need it most.

Baitulmaal is on the ground sourcing animals locally on behalf of their donors to provide fresh meat to families in many poverty-stricken countries around the world. But as the cost of meat rises, the need in many countries rises too. These families urgently need your help to ensure they have this important gift in time for the Eid holiday this year.

This meat is more than a gift. It helps alleviate “hidden hunger” and can improve the health of a malnourished man, woman, or child.

Turn your compassion into hope on one of the most anticipated holidays, a time that celebrates our common foundations of peace, unity, and good-will. Donate during the best ten days of the year!


Can They Count on You This Eid?

Your donation helps nourish refugees, orphans, widows, the disabled, elderly, and other impoverished individuals who rarely enjoy the luxury of eating meat. Give today so we have enough time to prepare and deliver the meat to your beneficiaries in time for Eid.

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