Current Campaigns

Please give generously to those in need. 


Baitulmaal is monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and is working with resources on the ground to distribute emergency humanitarian aid for internally displaced Afghans. Contribute to the emergency fund now.


An ongoing blockade coupled with limited access to clean water, healthcare, employment, and services makes life in the occupied Palestinian territories difficult. You can alleviate the difficulties with a donation today.


Widespread poverty and lack of economic opportunities have created a difficult situation for Kenyans. Children struggle to afford the materials they need for school. Orphans with little support face even more challenges. And entire communities lack basic necessities like clean, safe drinking water.  You can help.


War, natural disasters, epidemics, famine, poverty, displacement, gender inequality, lack of clean water, and poor infrastructure have made life a daily struggle for Somali families. With your help, Baitulmaal is providing education, orphan support, healthcare, water access and other humanitarian aid to help Somali families.


Families in Ghana don’t suffer from a lack of water as much as they suffer from a lack of safe, clean drinking water. And community centers like mosques provide an avenue for socialization, education, and centralized wells to quench thirst and improve lives. Donate today.

Ivory Coast

Less than half of the population in the Ivory Coast is literate. Civil wars and poor infrastructure have prevented many people from accessing education and improving their lives. Baitulmaal is constructing and furnishing a library in Bundyali — you can support this effort today!