Give an Orphan Hope

Join the Baitulmaal family of donors and support the nutritional, health, educational, psychological, and social wellbeing of an orphan today.

Orphan Sponsorship

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, a child becomes an orphan every 18 seconds. That’s 8,400 children per day.

Worldwide, there are over 153 million children who are orphaned — meaning a population nearly half the size of the U.S. has lost one or both of their parents.

But beyond the statistics is a child who is looking for hope after loss.

By supporting orphans, you can be their hope, and together, we can be their family. Support orphans in need with a donation today.

By contributing to Baitulmaal’s orphan support programs, you can give an orphan a caring presence. A chance at an education. A sense of belonging. A better future.

Facts about Orphans

  • Orphans are more likely to live in poverty
  • Orphans are less likely to attend school
  • Orphans are more likely to suffer from PTSD after witnessing the illness and/or death of a caregiver
  • Orphans may lose their homes, belongings, and sense of security
  • Orphans are more likely to suffer from food insecurity, which puts them at higher risk of malnutrition, leading to stunting, illness, and poor academic performance. About 45% of child deaths are linked to malnutrition (WHO).
  • Orphans are more likely to be forced into child labor
  • Many orphans end up living on the streets

Imagine the difference you can make in an orphan’s life!