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Baitulmaal is Your Place for Islamic Giving.

Baitulmaal is a zakat-eligible, tax-deductible charity that turns your compassion into hope for those in need around the world. Whether it is zakat ul-maal, zakat ul-fitr, fidya, or kaffarah, Baitulmaal is your home for Islamic Giving.

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Your zakat can be a shelter that keeps a family safe. The blanket that keeps their bodies warm.The clean water that quenches their thirst. The food that enables them to break their fast. And the grateful smile on a child’s face.

Fulfill your zakat today, and help make the world a better place for those in need around the world.

Multiply Your Blessings This Ramadan – Donate Your Zakat Today!

This Ramadan, we invite you to donate your Zakat to help those in need. Your contribution will help us provide essential resources to impoverished communities around the world.











The Gates of Paradise Are Open 
Is There a Better Time to Donate?

As you aspire to earn God’s mercy, forgiveness, and salvation this Ramadan, you can extend your compassion today to improve the lives of others tomorrow by fulfilling your zakat obligations through Baitulmaal.

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Baitulmaal provides life-saving, life-sustaining, and life-enriching humanitarian aid to underserved populations around the world.

Baitulmaal, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations to Baitulmaal are tax-deductible.
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