Baitulmaal Ramadan Water Campaign 2024

Break the




this Ramadan

Give the Gift of Clean Water with Baitulmaal

This Ramadan, join us in our mission to break the cycle of despair facing communities in need of clean water access.

Act Now to Provide Clean Water Access

Communities without clean water are trapped. Facing difficult journeys to find safe sources of water, they’re often forced to suffer from the life-threatening diseases that spread in the absence of clean water. 

This Ramadan, we’re urging you to make a difference in their lives. Clean water is a right that no one should be deprived of. With your support, we can stop life-threatening diseases and ease the suffering of those trapped in the grip of waterborne illnesses.

in Action

Water access is not just crucial for sustaining life; it's a matter of survival. Baitulmaal is committed to creating sustainable change for communities in need and your donation is crucial to our efforts. 

Your generosity can dig deep-water wells, install water filtration systems, and fill water tanks in regions facing scarcity. Together, we can ensure that communities in need are no longer thirsty or facing life-threatening water-borne diseases.

Support clean water access with Baitulmaal and answer the call for compassion this Ramadan.