Ramadan Orphan Campaign

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A Child Doesn’t Choose to Be Orphaned, but You Can Choose to Give Them Hope

Your sponsorship helps give an orphan the educational, nutritional, psychological, health and social support they need to thrive.

Give Your Zakat to Sponsor an Orphan This Ramadan

Your Compassion Can
 Make an Impact on an Orphan’s Life

Every 18 seconds, a child becomes orphaned. That means 8,400 children per day suffer the tragic loss of a parent and the love, stability and support they bring to their lives. Your compassion can help provide the support they need to have a brighter future.

Put a Smile on the Faces of Children in Ramadan

Help us provide food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education to orphans around the world.











You Can Give a Child
 With a Hopeful Heart a Brighter Future

Without your generous donation, fragile, innocent orphans are more likely to live in extreme poverty, suffer from malnutrition, miss school, and lack healthcare and other essential services. They need just one person to make a difference. You.

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