From Hunger to Hope

Baitulmaal Ramadan Food Packages for those in need around the world.


We go without food or water
from sunrise till sunset
for one month out of the year.

But for many around the world
This is their reality every day.

Only they don’t know where their next meal will come from
…or when.

It could come from you.

Don’t let the sun set on their hope.

Turn your compassion into their nourishment this Ramadan.

The pandemic was just one crisis amidst many: 

Yemenis still face the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and are on the brink of famine and mass starvation…

Syrians risked everything — and lost so much — to find safety in make-shift shelters far from home…

Rohingya escaped genocide only to face the terror of campfires that rage in the midst of their refuge…

In Lebanon, hundreds were killed and thousands left homeless in one of the largest explosions in history — but many were also suffering from a crumbling economy and exorbitant food prices long before…

In Palestine, Jordan, and Turkey, overcrowded housing and refugee camps pose risks to populations that already have little access to clean water, adequate healthcare, or nourishing food…

In Kenya and Somalia, social neglect, the HIV-epidemic, and locust invasions have ravaged families and livelihoods…

And in India and Pakistan, a historic monsoon season washed away belongings, damaged crops, and destroyed lives.

These crises will have lasting repercussions far beyond the pandemic. But hunger is a daily struggle now.

You can send life-saving food to our sisters and brothers in need

during the most compassionate month of the year.


The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said about Ramadan: 

“It is the month of compassion, in which the sustenance of a believer increases. He who feeds a fasting person within this month has his sins forgiven and he will be protected and released from the hellfire. He also gets the reward of that person’s fasting without decreasing the reward of the fasting person.”

Our brothers and sisters in these long-suffering countries will be fasting while conflict, poverty, hunger, and disease rage around them —  if there was ever a time to be compassionate, it is now. 

By sending a Ramadan Food Package, you will enable a family to break their fast every day with a nutritious meal. Containing staples such as rice, oil, canned goods, and dates, each package alleviates the worry of where their next meal will come from during the most merciful time of the year. 

And you will earn the reward for every sip and morsel your compassion made possible. ♥