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This Ramadan,
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Baitulmaal provides lifesaving food assistance to people around the world struggling with food insecurity due to extreme poverty or humanitarian crises. This Ramadan, you can help provide nutritious meals for families in need. Turn your compassion into hope with a generous gift today.

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Many people are suffering from hunger as food prices soar, disasters such as earthquakes and floods strike, and prolonged droughts put entire communities at risk of famine. As struggles and difficulties have been rising around the world, so too must our compassion. Your donation alleviates the worry of where their next meal will come from – or when. This Ramadan, help feed a family in need with a generous donation today

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Your donation of a Ramadan Food Package helps provide staples such as rice, oil, canned goods, and dates to families struggling with access to nutritious food and may not have enough to break their fast or feed their children during this holy month.


to feed 5 families



to feed 4 families



to feed 3 families



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This Ramadan, Turn Your 
Compassion Into Hope

Baitulmaal provides life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching humanitarian aid to under-served populations around the world regardless of faith or nationality.

Baitulmaal serves as a conduit between the compassion of our donors and the needs of their beneficiaries.

We turn your compassion into hope for those in need around the world.

Join us.

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