Palestine Evergreen Campaign

Palestinians Have Endured 75 Years of Suffering - and Counting

The decades-long occupation of Palestine has been a source of suffering for nearly 5 million Palestinians who, as a result, have been forced into extreme poverty, food insecurity, and an overall sense of helplessness.

The Social Impacts are Staggering

According to the UN, more than 75 percent of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip rely on humanitarian aid.

More than 98% of the water is unfit to drink.

And routine violence displaces families and creates more emergencies in an area already struggling with day-to-day needs.

Palestinian Children Are at Risk

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said: "If there is a hell on Earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza today."

Without support from donors like you, Palestinians will not be able to secure nutritious food, clean water, or healthcare. Left unhelped, they could face severe malnutrition, waterborne diseases, lack of educational opportunities, and a host of other problems that create and perpetuate suffering -- generation after generation.

Turn Your Compassion Into Hope

Your donations help provide food packages that feed a family for up to a month, refill 400 water tanks that provide safe, clean drinking water, provide scholarships and tuition assistance to bright young Palestinians, and enable access to quality healthcare.

Above all, your donations help turn your compassion into hope for Palestinians in need.