Man-Made Crises

Support Baitulmaal’s emergency relief fund so we can quickly and effectively respond to man-made crises around the world

Respond / Man-Made Crises

Baitulmaal responds to man-made crises with emergency relief in the form of food, water, shelter, and clothing as well as medicine and medical supplies.

Currently, Baitulmaal donors are responding to the following man-made crises:


Crisis Response

  • $1,565,500 in emergency humanitarian aid for current programs
  • 1,109,640 meals provided
  • $16,500 for stoves and fuel 
  • 300,000 tablets of life-saving antibiotics
  • 15,000 medical test kits
  • 16,400 recipients of winter clothing and blankets
  • $3,000 for emergency shelters
  • 200 hygiene kits

News & Updates

Respond / Crisis 

2020 Winter Social Post (Yemen)

2020 Winter Social Post (Yemen)

FacebookWinter kills 20 times more people than any other season. The cold can be deadly, even when it's not freezing, for people living in harsh conditions due to poverty of displacement. I'm posting this because I want you to help by donating to the trusted 4-star...