Education is social and economic empowerment. Give a child the gift of education with a generous donation today.


Students without desks outnumber the population of the United States of America and the United Kingdom combined. There were almost as many school-age children out of school in 2016 as there are people living in Indonesia. More children are not in school due to conflict and war than the entire population of Spain.

Education has the power to change people’s lives. In developing countries, individuals can increase their earning power by 10 percent on average for each additional year of education they obtain. 

At Baitulmaal, we believe education is necessary for societies and people in those societies to thrive. Education opens the door to higher-paying jobs, opportunities for advanced education and careers. This belief drives us to support education through tuition grants, school construction, textbook purchases, teacher salaries and other aid. 

If you share our belief, give generously so we can continue funding education for disadvantaged, poor and orphaned children around the world. 

Below are education projects you can support. 

Facts about Education

  • 400 million students do not have desks
  • 263 million children were out of school in 2016
  • 48.5 million children do not attend school because of civil confict or war
  • 3 hours is how far some children have to walk to get to school
  • 25% of youth in poor countries are illiterate 
  • 10% is the average increase in income for every additional year of education realized for individuals in developing countries

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