Help 4 Lebanon

Give generously to help Lebanese families as well as Palestinian and Syrian refugees.

Help People in Lebanon

Faced with mounting challenges, families can barely make ends meet. Lebanese families as well as Palestinian and Syrian refugees need your help!

Food and services have become unaffordable for a majority of Lebanon’s 6.8 million residents, where prices have risen by as much as 50% and unemployment has climbed to 35%. According to the U.N., 55% of Lebanese are now living in poverty — double the number from last year. Lebanon is also host to refugees escaping violence in their home countries. There are nearly half a million Palestinian refugees and 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon’s increasingly crowded camps with limited resources. Poverty, unemployment, and limited opportunities are creating a situation in Lebanon where food insecurity and hunger are affecting more and more people. 

But you can help. With a generous donation, you can provide relief for those struggling with hunger and limited resources due to extreme poverty.

Can they count on you today?

????Ramadan Food Packages

Provide food to families struggling with hunger for $50

Lebanese families as well as Palestinian and Syrian refugees are struggling with food insecurity. During the blessed month of Ramadan, not knowing where their next meal comes from makes fasting much more challenging. You can bring ease to their struggle with a Ramadan Food Package.  

Baitulmaal Responds in Lebanon

Photos from the field in Lebanon

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