Help protect vulnerable families from predictable, preventable winter suffering by sending food, blankets, clothing and other winter essentials to those in need.

From Wonder to Worry…

As the seasons change, visions of a winter wonderland may elicit excitement and rouse our instincts to find comfort and warmth.

But for many, wonder turns into worry as the temperatures drop.

Having faced disasters, violence, poverty, disease and ongoing conflicts, their difficult situations have not changed, and in many cases, have only gotten worse.

Facing one hardship after another, our brothers and sisters in areas such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen are now entering the winter season facing increasing levels of poverty, shortage of basic needs, and diminishing hope.

A Dire Forecast…

For impoverished communities around the world, day-to-day needs are already hard to come by, but the impending cold leaves families in distress struggling to survive the deadliest time of the year.

Globally, an estimated 1.7 million people succumb to winter deaths annually.

It’s not the cold alone that kills; it’s the lack of adequate clothing and heating that puts people at risk.

On this #GivingTuesday, we can help protect these families from predictable, preventable winter suffering by sending food, blankets, clothes and other winter essentials to people who need it most.

Don’t leave vulnerable children and their families out in the cold.

This #GivingTuesday, help provide winter relief for displaced, impoverished, and at-risk families around the world. 

Many families simply cannot afford – or even find – basic necessities like food, water and medicine, let alone seasonal items like blankets or winter clothes.

But we can.

With your help, we can source and purchase winter items and distribute them to those in need before the chill of winter arrives. 

Your contribution of $100 helps provide an entire family with winter essentials in countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen. A $20 donation can help one person and any amount you can give will make a difference.

This #GivingTuesday, join the Baitulmaal family of donors to turn your compassion into hope,

and winter worries into life-saving warmth.