Gaza Aid

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Debilitating war and strife has overrun life in Gaza for more than 10 years, pushing Gazans further into poverty and drastically reducing access to food, medical care and other daily essentials.

  • Provide food assistance
  • Refill clean water tanks
  • Give meat and other seasonal aid
  • and other aid as needed

A Life of Struggle and Hardship

The thin, 141-square-mile strip of land is frequently characterized by humanitarian organizations as the world’s largest open-air prison, creating a life of struggle and hardship for its people.

The Israeli government’s control of the entry ports translates into full control of what essentials enter the territory and who can leave to receive life-saving healthcare abroad.

Additionally, Israel’s restrictions block access to 35% of Gaza’s farmland and nearly 90% of its fishing waters, further ensuring local Palestinians do not have reliable access to food and natural resources.

Finally, war and violence continue to destroy homes and kill innocent civilians, forcing children into a life without family, shelter, or support.

Your Compassion Makes a Difference

Baitulmaal’s growing community of donors continue to respond to global crises with generosity.

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Can they count on you?

Your gifts ensure that the life-threatening impacts of war and persecution do not continue to ravage Palestinians living in Gaza.

Without your support, families may face preventable illness and death from lack of nourishing food, clean water, protective shelter, and healthcare.

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Each contribution helps save or improve someone’s life.

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