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Future of Syrian Children

Future of Syrian Children

Urgent Appeal: Prevent Syria’s Children From Becoming A Lost Generation

The children of Syria are orphaned, displaced, injured and killed.  As the conflict in Syria approaches the end of its third year, at least 4 million children are witnessing their past and futures disappear due to the conflict. In response to the current situation, with the support of our generous donors, Baitulmaal targets the children’s health, sanitation, nutrition, education and protection through various programs.

The children of Syria are paying the heaviest price for this conflict. They are deprived of their right to education and life. They are orphaned, displaced, injured and killed. With the situation deteriorating, the risk of losing more children is increasing. Hunger is killing many more. The latest statistics reported 9.3 million people are in need of humanitarian aid. 6.5 million are displaced and struggling to survive the increasingly desperate conditions. 4.27 million of those are children.

What is Baitulmaal Doing? We at Baitulmaal are committed to protecting these children and we are making critical efforts to help ease the impact of the crisis on children. We are regularly delivering clothing kits, food packages, hygiene kits, tents, and tarps. We are now focusing on education by providing children with school supplies and more.