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KARACHI, PAKISTAN August 1, 2022 — Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian nonprofit, recently distributed fresh meat for 39,195 meals to impoverished families in Pakistan as part of the Islamic season of Udhiyah last month.

Approximately 1,170 families living in the Sujawal and Naushero Feroze Districts in Sindh Province as well in the Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province received fresh meat from locally-sourced and humanely-slaughtered cows. The distribution occurred during monsoon season that flooded many villages, according to Elizabeth Sohail, program manager at Baitulmaal.

“Heavy rains did not dampen smiles and enthusiasm for this special holiday,” Sohail siad. “Thanks to our donors, we were able to successfully deliver fresh meat to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan despite the downpour.”

In many Muslim-majority countries, fresh meat is often procured through charitable gifts on occasions like the Udhiyah, a practice that commemorates Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice and takes place during the Hajj pilgrimage. This year, Baitulmaal distributed fresh meat for approximately 160,000 meals to beneficiaries in various poverty-stricken and conflict ridden areas of the world.

In addition to seasonal Islamic giving programs, Baitulmaal coordinates emergency aid efforts, water, hygiene and sanitation projects, orphan support programs and other humanitarian aid to under-served populations regardless of faith or nationality. To learn more or donate to these programs, visit Baitulmaal.org.

Baitulmaal is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching aid to people in need around the world. With headquarters in Texas, the charity has domestic offices and representatives in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey as well as international offices in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

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