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ABUJA, NIGERIA July 28, 2023 — Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian nonprofit, recently distributed fresh meat for 2,625 meals to impoverished families in Nigeria as part of the Islamic season of Udhiyah.

Approximately 525 families living in the regions of Kano, Nasarawa, and Potiskum were given fresh meat from locally-sourced and humanely-slaughtered cows. 

The beneficiaries included orphan families and people living with disabilities, according to Elizabeth Sohail, program development manager at Baitulmaal.

“People in Nigeria have endured extreme hunger over the years,” said Sohail. “Our donors generously provided thousands of people with fresh meat to celebrate Eid.”

According to UNICEF, nearly 25 million people in Nigeria are at high risk of food insecurity in 2023.

In addition to seasonal Islamic giving programs, Baitulmaal coordinates emergency aid efforts, water, hygiene and sanitation projects, orphan support programs and other humanitarian aid to under-served populations regardless of faith or nationality. To learn more or donate to these programs, visit

Baitulmaal is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching aid to people in need around the world. With headquarters in Texas, the charity has domestic offices and representatives in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey as well as international offices in Europe, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East.

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