Education can help families rise from poverty into prosperity, and from despair into hope. Help a child thrive by supporting their education with a Back2School Kit today.

Education & Poverty

Education is the gateway to prosperity, but for the world’s poor, education can be largely out of reach. After the coronavirus pandemic shut down nearly all schools around the world, even more families slipped into poverty and had limited access to educational resources or opportunities. This has only contributed to a looming global education crisis:

  • According to the UN, approximately 11 million girls will not return to school this year due to the pandemic
  • Millions more children will continue to drop out of school due to extreme poverty, ongoing conflict, natural disasters, and displacement
  • 75 million children lack access to education
  • 25% of youth in poor countries are illiterate

And yet, one solution to alleviating poverty is access to education itself.

    Education & Empowerment

    • According to UNESCO, if all students in low-income countries could read, an estimated 171 million people could escape extreme poverty
    • If students completed secondary education, the global poverty rate could decrease by more than half
    • Educated individuals can increase their earning power by 10 percent on average for each additional year of education they obtain. For women, it doubles to 20 percent.

    Sadly, the cost of supplies — books, uniforms, even pencils — may prevent many children from accessing educational opportunities. These items may be more than a family’s entire income, and if they have multiple children, school becomes even more cost-prohibitive. Many children are left behind because of poverty — but this only makes the problem worse.

    They shouldn’t have to choose between books or bread.

    You can help provide back-to-school support for a child in need by donating a Back2School Kit for displaced, poor and orphaned children in one or more of the areas below:

    Each Back2School Kit provides items such as clothing, shoes, backpacks, textbooks, and school supplies so that a child can go to school without worrying about how they’ll afford an education. One less worry leaves room for hopes, dreams, and a better future ahead.

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