Current Campaigns

Please give generously to those in need.


Orphan Sponsorship

Children don’t choose to be orphaned. But you can choose to give them home. Sponsor an orphan and help support the nutritional, educational, psychological, health and social wellbeing of a child today.

Ongoing campaigns that need your support:

Gaza Scholarship Program

Students in Gaza face one obstacle after another, but their resilience and fortitude know no bounds. You can help make their dreams a reality. Fund scholarships for students in need today.

Lebanon Medical Support

Lebanon has been struggling from economic collapse, a devastating port explosion and the COVID-19 pandemic that has strained the country’s healthcare system. They need our help.

Winter Relief

Help vulnerable families survive predictable, preventable winter suffering by providing food, clothing, blankets and other winter essentials in countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and Yemen.


Still reeling from the deadly bombardment that killed over 260 people last year, many Palestinians are vulnerable and need our help now. Send humanitarian aid including food, water and medicine to impacted families today.


Baitulmaal is monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and is working with resources on the ground to distribute emergency humanitarian aid for internally displaced Afghans. Contribute to the emergency fund now.


Yemen’s humanitarian crisis remains the worst in the world. Malnutrition, cholera, and limited access to food, clean water and healthcare are among the difficulties Yemenis face day in and day out. With your help, they can receive the support they need.


Widespread poverty and lack of economic opportunities have created a difficult situation for Kenyans. Children struggle to afford the materials they need for school. Orphans with little support face even more challenges. And entire communities lack basic necessities like clean, safe drinking water.  You can help.


War, natural disasters, epidemics, famine, poverty, displacement, gender inequality, lack of clean water, and poor infrastructure have made life a daily struggle for Somali families. With your help, Baitulmaal is providing education, orphan support, healthcare, water access and other humanitarian aid to help Somali families.