As sure as the sun rises after the darkest night, Ramadan returns to renew hope every year.

But there are many still suffering from extreme poverty and humanitarian crises who may not make it through another Ramadan without your help. 

Don’t let the sun set on their hope.

Send a Ramadan Food Package to alleviate hunger this Ramadan.

In addition to providing food assistance to those in need, Baitulmaal also ensures that communities have other necessary resources and support throughout the year.

From water access projects and orphan sponsorship programs to ongoing emergency relief efforts, there are many ways to earn rewards during this blessed month that will make a lasting impact far beyond.

How will you turn your compassion into hope this Ramadan?

Sponsor an Orphan

As we aspire to earn God’s mercy, forgiveness, and salvation this Ramadan, we can extend our compassion to care for an orphan in the coming year. Your support helps ensure the nutritional, educational, psychological, health and social support an orphan needs to thrive.

Provide Water Access

Your compassion this month can help the clean water flow all year long. From digging a water well to sponsoring water tank refills, there are many ways to support water access for those in need around the world.

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Fulfill Your Zakat

Baitulmaal is your place for Islamic Giving, from zakat ul-maal to fidya, kaffarah and sadaqah. Check out our Zakat Calculator and fulfill your zakat today.

Your compassion in action:

Turn Your Compassion Into Hope This Ramadan