Send Food Packages

Every year we prepare ourselves for day-long fasts as we eagerly welcome the month of Ramadan. But for families like Muna’s, hunger is a daily reality. And they, too, will be fasting this Ramadan. Only they don’t know where their next meal will come from — or when. It could come from you.

Watch Muna’s story and donate a food package today. Don’t let the sun set on their hope. Spread compassion this Ramadan.

Provide Clean Water

Families like Irfan’s have been struggling with prolonged drought in the Horn of Africa since last year. In addition to providing Ramadan Food Packages to those stricken by poverty, violence, and disasters, Baitulmaal also enables water access in areas that lack clean or sufficient water.

Watch Irfan’s story and help clean water flow today. Providing water access is another way to spread compassion this Ramadan.

Give an Orphan Hope

As we aspire to earn God’s mercy, forgiveness, and salvation, we can extend our compassion to care for an orphan in the coming year. Orphans like Neda, who lost her father at a young age and lives as a refugee. Thanks to a generous sponsor, she has renewed hope.

Watch Neda’s story and sponsor an orphan today. You can help hope rise by spreading compassion this Ramadan.

Fulfill Your Zakat

While Ramadan is the month of fasting and Quran, it is also a month of giving. What better time to fulfill your zakat than during these blessed days? You can also pay your fidya, kaffara, and zakat-ul-fitr on your family’s behalf.

Baitulmaal is your place for Islamic Giving. Check out our Zakat Calculator and fulfill your zakat today.  Turn your compassion into hope this Ramadan.

Your compassion in action:

Spread Compassion This Ramadan