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ISTANBUL, TURKEY, May 5, 2021 — Baitulmaal, a Dallas-based international humanitarian relief agency, recently delivered food staples to provide 362,520 meals to Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

Around 1,007 Syrian families were provided food packages in various locations in Turkey, including 609 families in 4 areas of Istanbul, 348 families in Urfa and 50 families in Gaziantep. The food packages contained items such as rice, sugar, beans, groats, chickpeas, tea and oil. The packages were distributed for the Ramadan season, a time marked by fasting, charity and worship.

Turkey hosts the largest refugee population in the world — most are Syrian. According to the latest figures from the UN, approximately 3.7 million Syrians sought refuge in Turkey to escape a brutal civil war and ongoing persecution. In total, there are an estimated 13.3 million displaced Syrians, which is the largest forcibly displaced population in the world.

Baitulmaal recently delivered 186,000 meals to internally displaced families in Northern Syria, and 2,211,060 meals in Lebanon, another country where Syrians have sought refuge. Baitulmaal is also delivering food to families struggling with hunger and food insecurity in other countries around the world.

If you would like to learn more or contribute to food or other programs at Baitulmaal, please visit their website at baitulmaal.org.

Baitulmaal is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching aid to people in need around the world. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the charity has offices in: Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Nairobi, Kenya; Mogadishu, Somalia; Amman and Al Ramtha, Jordan; and Karachi, Pakistan.

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