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West Bank New Medical Center

West Bank New Medical Center

The Palestinian refugees in the camps of Nablus are urging Baitulmaal to expand its Outpatient Charity Medical Center sooner rather than later.  Having a medical clinic in a neighborhood or city might not seem like a big deal to us, but it is a huge responsibility when one small clinic serves over 50,000 people. Baitulmaal established a charity medical center in the city of Nablus in the West Bank of Palestine. Since 2004, Baitulmaal has sponsored and maintained the clinic because of how crucially important it is for the people that it serves.

Baitulmaal sponsored medical center is vital as it serves people from four refugee camps in Nablus:  Balata camp, Old Askar Camp, New Askar Camp, and Ein Beit Al-Ma’.  Most of these people don’t have the money to make a payment to the clinic, so the check-up, treatment, and medication are all paid for.

The Palestinian refugees from the four camps and surrounding communities rely heavily upon this clinic to address their health care needs and provide them with prescription medication, and it is proving difficult for the current facility to accommodate the growing patient demand.

After years of conflict, unemployment, and poverty, doctors and nurses are having trouble keeping up with the growing health care needs of our brothers, sisters, and children in the West Bank. Expanding the medical center will help serve the health care needs of these underprivileged families better.  Currently, the clinic has doctors, nurses, a dentist, a laboratory, and a pharmacy.  Although it is already a wonderful initiative, this project needs more support from our donors.