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Water Situation Alarming in Gaza

Water Situation Alarming in Gaza

On behalf of Baitulmaal, we would like to thank our donors for their compassion and their continued support. Were it not for your contributions we would not have been able to provide assistance for those who need it the most like the Rohingya of Myanmar, The people of South Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey and those affected in Puerto Rico.

Your donations are of paramount importance in what we do. We would like to remind you of the people of Gaza who suffer under the cogs of an acute potable water scarcity. The water crisis there is heading south as time goes by. It is reported that 90% of water in Gaza is unfit for consumption due to high salinity and contamination. Consider supporting our ongoing Gazza Weekly Water Distribution Project and help the kids and the elderly to access potable water.

Baitulmaal installed over 230 tanks around the city of Gaza and its suburbs. Each tank holds 1,000 liters of water and serves 3-8 families. Tanks are refilled weekly.

How you can help quench the Gazans thirst
For just $15, you can fill a tank with water enough for one week.

  • $60 can refill one tank with water enough for one month
  • $240 can refill 4 tanks with water enough for one month
  • $720 can refill one tank for 1 year

PLEASE Support our efforts. Any contribution will help!  DONATE TO PALESTINE- GAZA WATER DISTRIBUTION.