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Water Scarcity in Pakistan

Water Scarcity in Pakistan

In Pakistan where water scarcity exists, it’s not because of a physical lack of water, but because people do not have the means to access water that is directly beneath them.

Still recovering from the heat wave that claimed the lives of over 1,000 people in June 2015 and the flooding earlier this month affecting over 1 million, the situation in Pakistan is getting worse. As extreme weather events become more frequent due to climate change, the urgency to deal with Pakistan’s looming water crisis is growing impacting the entire population.

AHED International launched a development project for the needy people of Thar in Pakistan. We are building wells to provide water to the people affected by the recurring natural disasters and extreme poverty.  Six water wells were constructed, and another six are in progress. Our goal is to build 100 wells.

The cost of building one well in the region is $1,000. Your support will bring a long-term solution to the water scarcity in the remote areas of Pakistan.

You can help!

Your $1,000 donation will build one well.

A donation of as little as $100 will help provide the most basic human need of water to the people of Pakistan.  Be part of our well-building project and begin your year with a good deed that will last for many years to come.