Baitulmaal Ramadan Palestine Campaign 2024

Turn Compassion



for Gaza

this Ramadan

Send Humanitarian Aid this Ramadan

Ramadan is here but the situation facing Palestinians in Gaza is worsening. Hunger is rising and countless displaced families urgently hneed your help. Send aid with Baitulmaal during this blessed month!

Gaza Needs You

With the blessed month of Ramadan here, we can’t ignore the unprecedented humanitarian crisis facing people in Gaza.

Families are struggling with hunger, cold, and despair. Displaced children, widowed mothers, and elderly individuals are in desperate need of your support.

Allow families to observe Ramadan with hope and relief, make an immediate impact by sending aid with Baitulmaal.

You Can
Make a Difference

Join Baitulmaal in bringing hope to Palestine:

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    Baitulmaal Kitchen: Support us in providing up to 2,000 warm meals and 5,000 liters of clean drinking water every day this Ramadan in the Jabalia Camp in north Gaza and in Rafah in south Gaza. We are also providing Iftar at Masjid Al-Aqsa for $12/person. In addition to distributing Ramadan Food Packages that contain essential food items to a family for 30 days in Gaza and the West Bank. ($60)

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    Winter Aid Distribution: Help us continue distributing winter essentials such as coats, blankets, and clothing to vulnerable individuals facing the harsh winter in Gaza.

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    Clean Water Stations: Contribute to our efforts in operating clean water stations to provide safe, clean drinking water to thousands of people in Gaza.

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    Medical Clinics: Support our mobile medical clinics, providing healthcare and medications free of charge to displaced Palestinians in need.

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    Emergency Relief: Your donation will contribute to emergency relief efforts, including food packages, hygiene kits, and shelter items for families affected by the crisis.

Your generosity can bring hope, warmth, and comfort to those in need. Act now, and consider giving your Zakat with Baitulmaal, your Islamic duty and compassion can make a huge difference to those searching for hope in Palestine.