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Moving beyond food baskets for the families of Gaza

Moving beyond food baskets for the families of Gaza
This has been a year of extraordinary changes at Baitulmaal. Much more than just a new logo, but entirely new faces at HQ and many new field partners. Both made up mostly of young passionate people, who in turn have brought in fresh ideas on the entire concept of relief and development. So how does our new outlook actually translate on how your donations were used to maximize the impact of the almost 1,400 direct aid beneficiaries in Gaza this past Ramadan?
  • Reaching the most vulnerable populations: The families headed by women or having people with the disability received first priority.
  • Helping people earn, not just receive: Ten unemployed workers from recipient households were offered employment to earn income and alleviate their families living conditions.
  • Fairtrade principles: Twenty-two local farmers and producers were empowered to market their products at guaranteed fair prices to secure income for their basic family needs enabling them to replant their land for the next season.

Ramadan 2018 – Gaza Field Summary:

Our field partners reached some of the most food insecure populations in Gaza who received weekly fresh food parcels for five weeks to enable them to meet their minimum food requirements and re-allocate their limited resources to other family essentials. The Fresh food items in this project were purchased from small impoverished farmers and producers, including female farmers and women’s cooperatives where possible, and then distributed to the needy families. This innovative approach combined humanitarian aid with development as it contributes towards improving the poor families food security as well as supporting the agriculture and livelihood sectors in Gaza by generating income for farmers and helping them replant and help their businesses flourish.

What is Next?

Our post-Ramadan focus is on clean water. Gaza has long suffered from severe water shortages and a lack of clean drinking water. The main aquifer is contaminated with sewage. The lack of electricity has severely affected the limited capacity of the territory’s water treatment plants to meet the needs of the population. Baitulmaal has come together with two partner organizations to purchase our first of many water trucks which will serve thousands of beneficiaries every week. Through your generous donations, our commitment to the people of Gaza will continue day after day insha’Allah. Our team will not rest until every child, family, and community has access to the right to clean water all of us take for granted.

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