Gaza Crisis

Send much-needed food, water and other life-saving humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza

Gaza: Humanitarian Crisis

Gaza is often characterized as the world’s largest open-air prison with 1.6 million people trapped in a thin strip of land only 141 square miles in size. Most can’t leave because Israel controls ports of entry along the border as well as sea ports and airspace.

Israel controls what food, medicine and other life essentials get into Gaza, which makes it difficult for those trapped inside. In fact, human rights organizations report that Israel often prohibits Gazans seeking life-saving medical treatments in other countries from leaving to get the necessary healthcare. Sadly, many have needless died as a result.

Life in Gaza is hard. More than half a million live in poverty. Just under 700,000 Gazans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. More than a quarter of the working-age are unemployed.

To make matters worse, Israel blocks access to 35% of Gaza’s farmland and 85% of its fishing waters. With no access to much of these natural resources, Palestinians in Gaza are limited in their ability to feed themselves from crops and fishing.

The ongoing violence between Israel and Gaza creates an additional humanitarian crisis for Palestinians living in already deplorable conditions. Bombings destroy buildings, kill innocent civilians, leave children orphaned and disrupt life in ways that have lasting impact.

But you can help alleviate some of their suffering with a generous gift today.

Baitulmaal already provides water, food and medicine — but we need to send more. Palestinians in Gaza are in great need for basic life essentials. You can make a difference today. Please give generously.

Facts about the Gaza Crisis

  • 608,000 live in poverty (38%)
  • 416,000 are unemployed (26%)
  • 864,000 are food insecure (54%)
  • 35% of farmland rendered inaccessible by Israeli forces
  • 85% of fishing waters blocked by Israeli military
  • 20 million gallons of sewage dumped into the sea daily
  • 98% of groundwater is undrinkable
  • 26 percent of all disease in Gaza is caused by contaminated water
  • 50 percent of children in Gaza suffer from parasitic infections
  • 760,000 Gazans are only able to access a water supply between 4 to 6 hours every 3 to 5 days


Photos from the Field in Gaza